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Fiza Abbas, 18

Fiza, an Imagen Insights Gen Z consultant

Tell us a bit about you…

I’m Fiza, 18. I live in East London and I’m currently studying my A Levels at the London Academy of Excellence. Some fun facts about me: loving cricket is basically my entire personality (Pakistan FTW!!!); I’m fluent in 4 languages and I once had a pet turtle!!

What has your experience of working with Imagen Insights been like?

Working with Imagen Insights has been something that has really excited me, something I’m openly passionate about. I’ve applied to study Economics and Management at Oxford University and I think my work to date has helped me to market myself when applying. My first case study I worked on for Imagen Insights was the Gymshark brief – around revamping their head office. I worked really hard to put through lots of ideas and used extra reading to think about how my views could help Gymshark. It was a great experience as I attended a workshop with them to discuss my ideas!

Why would you encourage others to join the community?

It’s such a friendly and approachable space in the community even if you don’t feel that confident. They have really versatile briefs so there will always be something coming up that you might be able to feed back on, and it is an awesome community to be part of.

What’s next for Fiza?

I’m keen to complete my degree at Oxford, I currently have a conditional offer so I’m working hard on my A Levels! In the future I’m keen to go into development. I would love to work with the UN around developing countries and policy. Perhaps one day, I would also love to look into venture capitalism once I’ve worked on my global economic goals.

Any final notes?

I’d like more people to realise that they are the protagonist of their story, it’s such a small thing but simply acknowledging it can be so empowering.