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Case Studies

Some of the amazing work our Gen Z community have delivered for our clients:

Carruthers Tanner

Understanding barriers or motivations Gen Z students have to studying or volunteering abroad.


Understanding the buying habits, fashion needs and customer service wants of Gen Z.


Sense-checking creative routes for a large scale marketing campaign about the housing emergency.


Understanding current Gen Z attitudes towards Intimina as a wellness brand and gaining insight on creative executions.


Gaining insights from our community on their perceptions of the communications industry.


Assessing engagement with sports merchandise and raising visibility of American Football within the UK for NFL.

Amazon Prime Video

Driving monthly change for Amazon Prime Video’s social media across Europe.


Ideating and co creating a music video platform to rival YouTube with Viktrs.


Sourcing stories that inspire creative thinking to inform advertising campaigns for BBH.


Ideating a work space to be a beacon for attracting Gen Z talent.


Providing insight into the usage and knowledge of the eBay platform and Gen Z purchasing habits.