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Access daily long-form insights from our global Gen Z community!

Think of us as your go-to platform for Gen Z insights.

We enable our customers to crowdsource qualitative (long-form) and quantitative (numbers-based) feedback, ideas and insights from our communities via our Imagen Index, within minutes.

Whether it’s the need to sense check a marketing campaign, create a new product for Gen Z or to develop an entire brand aimed at this generation. Brands use the Imagen Insights platform to crowdsource feedback, ideas and insights from our Gen Z community to help solve their business challenges.

Imagen Insights’ Customers:

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About Imagen Insights Co-founders, Cat Agostinho and Jay Richards

Aside from being a well-respected powerhouse in the industry, Cat Agostinho is known for her unwavering commitment to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and the potential of young talent. As the Co-Founder of Imagen Insights, a cutting-edge market research platform and insights index specialising in Gen Z, Cat is providing young people with paid opportunities to help shape their future. Cat’s journey is defined by her profound belief that success is a shared endeavour, best demonstrated by her mentorship of four aspiring and underrepresented individuals.

Hailing proudly from south east London and deeply connected to her Portuguese heritage, Cat Agostinho’s career trajectory is a testament to her passion for breaking barriers. Her mantra, “Your own success will come if, and only if, you help others along the way,” has been recognised in Cat’s multi-award-winning endeavours. Receiving accolades such as the 2022 Rising Star from The Dots’ 100 and the 2022 WACL Talent Award demonstrates Cat’s commitment to nurturing and fostering the talent of the next generation.

Beyond accolades, Cat champions a broader understanding of diversity, one that extends beyond race and gender to embrace diversity in thought. Imagen Insights, under her leadership, embodies a culture that champions inclusivity, tailoring its processes to accommodate languages, disabilities, and social factors. Cat’s impact is undeniable, championing change both in the immediate industry and wider network. An articulate public speaker and advocate for change, Cat is a powerful voice for progress and equity.

Jay Richards, is a dynamic entrepreneur, visionary speaker, and CEO at Imagen Insights on a mission to bridge the communication gap between brands and the influential Gen Z demographic. Armed with the insights and unfiltered feedback from the brutally honest Imagen Insights Gen Z community, Jay empowers some of the world’s most prominent household names with the knowledge and data they need to craft successful marketing strategies. 

From his early days as a rebellious school student, Jay’s journey has been nothing short of a testament to his hard work and dedication. Fast forward to today, and he stands as a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, an accolade to his accomplishments and groundbreaking work in the field of marketing and qualitative generational insights. In 2020, he was recognised as a Future Leader finalist by Mediatel, further solidifying his reputation as an industry trailblazer.

Jay’s impact extends far and wide. Imagen Insights has played a pivotal role in assisting industry giants such as Amazon Prime Video, Google, and Unilever in effectively engaging their target demographic and driving innovation in their marketing strategies.

“Imagen Insights is our way of tipping the balance, of helping the underestimated to solve the problems that others are missing and bring true diversity of thought into the rooms that need it.

Enabling agencies and brands to access our phenomenal Gen Z community is game changing, our Gen Z community get the amazing opportunity to work side by side with some unbelievably talented experts!”

Jay Richards, Imagen Insights Co-founder and CEO

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