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The complexities of the generation gap


Being in between generations can sometimes feel like we’re floating in a sea of uncertainty. We’re part of a unique group that falls somewhere between millennials and Gen Z. It can be confusing because we don’t belong to either category. People often label us with negative traits like selfish, entitled, lazy, and sensitive. These names seem to stick with us no matter what we do.

I can admit that I do have some of these traits, but they don’t define who I am. They’re a part of the way I grew up. Each generation has its own values and experiences that shape who we are. It’s important to understand and appreciate these differences instead of judging or criticising each other. 

One thing that sets our generation apart is our focus on mental health. We understand the importance of taking care of ourselves and finding happiness in our lives. We don’t want to settle for jobs that don’t align with our passions and values. Instead, we strive to create our own definitions of success and challenge traditional career paths.

We’ve also become aware of the negative things that were considered normal in previous generations. We want to break free from these patterns and live healthier and more fulfilling lives. We appreciate the sacrifices made by the older generation, but we also see that there are areas where the system needs improvement. We’re working hard to overcome these obstacles and create a better future for ourselves.

Unfortunately, our generation has faced some significant challenges. We entered adulthood during a recession, which has affected our job opportunities, financial stability, and well-being. Many of us carry the burden of debt and economic uncertainty. It’s hard to plan for the future when we’re not sure if we’ll have stable jobs or be able to afford a home and start a family. This constant worry can take a toll on our mental and emotional health.

Despite these challenges, we’re determined to stay strong. We’re adaptable and willing to embrace technology and innovation. We use these tools to make positive changes and have our voices heard. We value the support of our community and work together to challenge the norms and fight for our rights.

Being between generations has its difficulties, but it also gives us a unique perspective. We have the opportunity to bridge the gap between different age groups. We can learn from the wisdom of the past while envisioning a future that reflects our values and aspirations.

So, to my fellow ‘in-betweeners’, let’s embrace our role as agents of change. Let’s break free from society’s limitations and create a path that’s true to ourselves. Together, we can build a world where generations understand and respect each other, also celebrating the diversity of experiences and ideas that make us who we are.

Authored by: Amandine Shadia, Gen Z consultant at Imagen Insights