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Reem Baaghill, 21

Reem, an Imagen Insights Gen Z consultant

Tell us a bit about you…

I’m Reem, 21. At the moment, I’m in my first year studying Business Tourism Management at Anglia Ruskin University. I’m from Yemen and I decided to take the big step of moving to the UK! I would say I’m quite creative as my main interests include painting and baking.

A hidden talent of mine is my famous carrot cake, where every time my sister’s friends come to visit, they request my carrot cake!

What has your experience of working with Imagen Insights been like?

I’ve been working as a ‘Gen Z Consultant’ with Imagen Insights since December 2021 and I’ve provided my insights to different freelance projects, including a brief with PepsiCo and also the ‘Brutally Honest Gen Z Report for 2022’.

One thing that I like about Imagen Insights is that I can study and also have other roles whilst being a ‘Gen Z Consultant’. Recently, I secured a part-time role to fund my studies and during the interview, the interviewer asked me about my experience with Imagen Insights and mentioned that it was something that stood out on my CV. Overall, my experience to date with Imagen Insights has been really nice as it has allowed me to gain great experience and is an amazing way of incorporating Gen Z’s opinions.

Why would you encourage others to join the community?

I’m sure that if I have loved being part of it, others would also benefit. The team is also very welcoming and I’d definitely say from my experience that Imagen Insights accommodates everyone! Also the briefs can literally be about anything, no matter your interests!

What’s next for Reem?

Once I have completed my undergraduate degree, I’m aiming to pursue a career in exploring food culture and food development/innovation which will allow me to combine my two passions, travelling and food. At the top of my bucket list of places to explore and immerse myself in the food culture is Italy (no explanation needed)! I would also love to visit Denmark because of their amazing pastries!

Any final notes?

My father always told me that, “if there’s a will there’s a way”. If someone is determined to do something, they’ll always find a way to accomplish it! This is something that has always motivated me and I’m sure would help others.