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Terms and Conditions

Imagen App and points system – The details, Ts & Cs.


Where possible payments will be made on time following completion of a daily question, however, please allow an extra 7 working days before contacting the team.

Points update on the app 

All points will be verified for payment once evidence has been provided by the community member, and our community team has been able to review your proof. Please allow 7 working days after we receive your evidence for points to be verified on the app. 

Panel event or speaking opportunity 

These events will only happen in person, once you have attended the event, you can add evidence to your account.

Inspiration of the Month winner 

These are chosen monthly based on submissions from our community. 

Social Follower of the Month winner

As a community member, you will be active on Imagen’s social media pages @Imagen Insights across Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Your engagement will be reviewed by comments and likes.

Attend our webinars, upskilling sessions and onboarding webinars

These sessions will happen virtually over Google Meets and 20 points will be awarded for attendance of each one.

Download our Imagen Insights app

An automatic amount of 20 points will be added as soon as the app has been downloaded. As a community member, you will have to have signed up and logged in once downloaded to activate these. 

Refer a friend and get points when they complete their first brief 

This applies to the referral of multiple people. Each person referred will account for 20 points, which will be added when the referral friend has completed their first brief. 

Write a blog to be published on our website 

Liaise with our Community Engagement team and agree on a topic. The blog post will be reviewed by our team collaboratively to ensure it fits our brand guidelines, and then once uploaded to our website, points will be given.

Be an active member of our community chat functions

This is done by actively participating in conversations or topics of the day provided by the Imagen team. 

Being an active member means weekly participation in the conversation.

Engage with our social media platforms

Earn points by sharing our content on your own channels.

Attend one of our Imagen Live events 

Imagen Insights will advertise these events, and the Imagen team will specify the location and activity. Points will be received once the in-person event has been concluded.

Become an ambassador for Imagen Insights in your country 

Become part of Imagen Insights. This voluntary role will help you liaise with our UK team. You will organise events, help to engage members in your country and ensure that there are virtual and in-person events your country members can join.

Complete a pre-screener 

Before setting a brief live, brands may ask for the community to complete a pre-screener. Some pre-screeners do require a high level of detail. This should be taken into consideration before completing one. 

Answering a daily brief question (per day) 

A topic/themed question will be provided by the Imagen team on a daily basis. Once answered, and your answer is sufficient to use points will be allocated.

Leave us a review on the Apple App store, Google Play Store or TrustPilot 

These reviews help our business to grow and in turn, more community to be paid. We appreciate you being part of our community and would love you to express your experience as a community member. 

Any negative reviews will be looked into, and you will be contacted by the Imagen team to provide clarity on the viewpoint provided. We will ensure our best to help resolve the issue raised. 

If you have any questions, please contact or