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A Gen Z view on the trend of TikTok CVs

The short-form video sharing App has been rebranding and developing new features and ideas to boost its users’ engagements and presence on its platform.

TikTok is not a new name in the world of Social Media. TikTok is in fact one of the fastest-growing social media networks of 2020 (and of all time). To stay relevant and expand its features, TikTok has invested in new features – one of which is TikTok Resumes!

Launched as a Pilot Program in early July 2021, TikTok Resumes has amazed the headlines and made everyone think of the future of recruitment and talent hunting. Interested job seekers were encouraged to creatively and authentically showcase their skillsets and experiences, and use #TikTokResumes in their caption when publishing their video resumes to TikTok.

Gen Z makes up the majority of job seekers as they are just setting out on their career journey and 60% of TikTok Users are Gen Z – according to TikTok itself. So this makes for an interesting discussion. As trendsetters, Gen Z is the major force to decide the future of TikTok Resumes.

So, we conducted an internal survey in early July 2021 to understand the perspective of our Gen Z community. From our findings, 40% welcome the development of TikTok Resumes while 19% agreed it is the “Gen Z way”.

To date, 6.6% have already made their TikTok Resumes submission on the App. Surprisingly, 66.7% are ready to jump on it if they are assured of getting the job so it will be interesting to learn what TikTok will do to build trust with Gen Z and encourage more young people to submit.

There is also the challenge of privacy. 64% of our community voted for a separate space (platform) for TikTok Resumes as 85% of our community is concerned about their privacy. One of the reasons could be fear of being judged based on their profile which could have a knock-on effect on getting a job.

Another concern is the skill needed to make videos. Creating a successful video resume requires some creativity and editing ability so will this limit the signup numbers?

From our research, 62% of our Gen Z community will only go for TikTok resumes if it’s the only option available to them. So the question now is, will TikTok/video resumes take over the current recruitment style or not?

Raheem, Imagen Insights