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Mental health is at the forefront of everyone’s minds having lived for the past two years through an ongoing pandemic. Numerous articles this week have highlighted just how much the lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions have had an impact on the mental health of Gen Z.

70% of Gen Z would like to know more about mental health

With the UK going into plan B aka working from home and quite possibly C, and many other countries tightening their restrictions, we spoke with our community who shared some tips on how to look after your mental health over the festive period and to support others with theirs too.

Gen Z’s on mental health

It would seem knowledge is key, 70% of Gen Z would like to know more about mental health and understand more about coping mechanisms to help themselves and those around them. Shockingly, 66% of our community showed signs of depression during lockdown yet only 23% opened up to their parents when feeling down. For many, there is a disconnect in wanting to know more about mental health but not communicating that with their parents or others, so what is the best way to talk to Gen Z? We asked the community…

During a walk came out on top, changing the environment seems to resonate, and try to avoid meal times. Before lights out is a definite no go too, as the mind can wander at night as it is!

 What has helped Gen Z with their mental health over the past two years?

…there is still nothing better than a good night’s sleep

Gaming – a recent report we conducted revealed that it’s not only a way for Gen Z to have fun but to also socialise with friends. Socialising as we previously knew it, has been restricted in many ways over the course of the past two years, but socialising while gaming is a trend that looks to continue, both for existing friendship groups and for those that Gen Z may never meet in real life.

It may seem like a simple one but there is still nothing better than a good night’s sleep – many reported that this is vital in keeping them feeling healthy in mind, and body too of course. Access to streaming services followed closely behind whereas social media scored on the low side, so best to take a break from endless scrolling every now and again!

On the wish list from their parents?

A meditation or workout space. We know you can’t conjure up another room but putting some thought into what space a Gen Z could utilise would be really beneficial.

Finally, according to Gen Z what was one of the best ways to focus their energy over the winter months?

 71% of Gen Z tried something new. They learned a new skill or took up a new hobby… time to dust off those rollerblades!