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Charlotte Badoc, 20… winner of our internal competition for creating the best name for the Bacardi brief.

Tell us a bit about you…

Hey, my name is Charlotte, I am 20 years old and French. I study Psychology, and work 2 jobs; one is sort of teaching kids in an association, and one is in catering and / or customer reception. I am a musician, where I have been learning harp and theory in a music conservatory since I was 6 years old. In my spare-time I enjoy any creative activities (drawing, painting) but I am also very outdoorsy and a partygoer, I also love to see my friends as much as I can.

What has your experience of working with Imagen Insights been like?

My experience has been little but nice, for now I only participated in one brief competition but already won and received payment! Even if I was able to do only one brief, I was able to see the themes of others, and they all seem interesting and fun, it is really just giving your ideas or opinions, it is pretty chill.

Why would you encourage others to join the community?

Because it is stimulating and really easy and fun… If you are looking for a way to get pocket money without having time or not daring to commit to a job I think this is pretty fine. If you can answer a brief then good for you, but otherwise no problem.

What’s next for Charlotte?

I don’t know yet, I am an indecisive person and I like to just keep going and see where I will end up … I am interested in many things so who knows? (Not me). For now I seem to be going towards Neurosciences. But overall I want to be happy, and never bored.

Any final notes?

Maybe that it is okay to not know where you are going or what you can do, doesn’t mean you’re not going anywhere or not capable. I know a lot of people are already saying these kinds of things and I don’t think I am the first one to say it but … just get that it is really true and when you get that stress off your chest it is really better. Just build confidence in you and the future, and try your best to be happy with yourself.